Welsh Government unveils plans to give tenants 12 months’ protection from eviction

Tenants renting in Wales could be given a minimum of 12 months’ protection from eviction under a new Bill introduced yesterday.

The Welsh Government has put forward the Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) Bill, which makes landlords unable to serve notice during the first six months of new tenancies and also stipulates that the notice period be increased from the current two months to six.

Landlords would still be able to repossess the property if a tenant breaches the contract and the notice period for this has been reduced from two months to one.

If passed by members of the Welsh Assembly, it is anticipated the new law will come into force in the spring of 2021.

Housing minister Julie James said: “The new Bill I am unveiling will add further significant protections for those who rent their home in Wales to those already included in our landmark Renting Homes legislation.

“These include ensuring that a possession notice where there is no breach of contract cannot be served for the first six months of occupation, and where possession is sought, giving the contract holder six months’ notice.

“This will provide valuable time for individuals and families faced with possession under section 173, and the organisations and agencies that support them, to find a new home that is right for them and make all necessary arrangements for a smooth transition to their new home.

“I believe the Renting Homes (Wales) Act, as amended, will provide a sound basis for renting in Wales, balancing the needs and rights of both tenants and landlords and helping ensure our private rental sector is a well-managed option for households.”

The law would create a different eviction system in Wales to England – which is planning to scrap Section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction notices – and Scotland where they have already been abolished.

A memorandum with the Bill said: “This contrasts with the arrangements in place in Scotland and those previously proposed in England, under which contract-holders not at fault can still be faced with a two-month notice to leave – or even less in some circumstances.”

Source: Property Industry Eyehttps://propertyindustryeye.com/welsh-government-unveils-plans-to-give-tenants-12-months-protection-from-eviction/