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Crunch day for the UK – but how could crucial Brexit vote affect the property market?

Today is a big day for the country, with a crucial vote due this evening in Parliament on Brexit.

Looking at the agent that EYE uses daily to monitor the market generally, we can see that so far this year this south-east branch has not put one property under offer so far this year, and has just one new listing – although of course it could be marketing properties without publicity.

Brexit, perhaps?

However, on the other hand, we can also see from social media that Thomas Morris has 42.2% more sales this January than at the same point last year, with instructions up 51.2%.


Then there was the Telegraph story at the weekend about the vendors choosing to sell now, and then sit it out while renting before buying again, in anticipation of picking up bargains after Brexit-related house price falls.

Does this ring any Brexit bell with you?

Of course, none of us can influence tonight’s vote, resolve the Parliamentary deadlock or stave off the defeat that even the BBC reckons is inevitable and which it also says is just a matter of the scale of the defeat.

EYE is neutral on a subject under which the squelchy ground changes from day to day.

However, our readers are welcome to voice your opinions on the possible likely outcomes – and their potential effects on the housing market, which is after all your living.

These possible outcomes include:

  • Accepting Theresa May’s deal
  • A no-deal Brexit – ie, we just leave: one agent tells us that this could trigger ‘the mother of all recessions’, but maybe you disagree?
  • A second referendum – the ‘people’s vote’
  • Delaying and renegotiating – by its very suggestion, that would take time
  • Staying as we are, in the EU
  • Staying in the EU’s Customs Union
  • A General Election


Cleddau Bridge toll scrapping deal ‘not there yet’

The BBC have reported a deal to scrap tolls for crossing a road bridge in Pembrokeshire has not yet been finalised, council bosses have said.

Cars are charged 75p each way to cross the A477 Cleddau Bridge which links Pembroke Dock with Burton Ferry.

It was announced in October the charge would end in April.

But cabinet member Paul Miller told councilors the latest Welsh Government offer did not satisfy concerns about maintenance costs.

The future of tolls on the Cleddau Bridge, which opened in 1975, has been up for discussion since plans emerged to scrap the Severn Bridge tolls, which took effect on Monday.

Charges on the Cleddau Bridge range from 35p for horses and motorbikes to £1.50 for vehicles weighing more than two tonnes and coaches with more than 15 seats.

Earlier in December, the Welsh Government said it had offered Pembrokeshire County Council £3m a year to cover maintenance costs and the loss of income from the tolls.

Mr Miller told members at a full council meeting on Thursday: “This is a negotiation and we’re very close to reaching an agreement with Welsh Government but we’re not there yet.”

He said the current offer did not “ensure the financial viability in terms of future maintenance”, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

ITV News – Overwhelming majority in Wales want MPs to reject May’s Brexit deal

Forty eight per cent of Welsh voters want MPs to reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a poll has found.

Ahead of Tuesday’s crucial meaningful vote, YouGov asked Welsh voters what they think in a exclusive opinion poll for ITV Wales.

Less than a quarter of people questioned wanted their MP to support the Prime Minister’s deal with the EU and nearly half said it should be rejected.

We’re Racing for Life!!!

10 of our West Wales Ladies will be running, walking and potentially crawling the 5k race for life at Scolton Manor on the 1st of July, to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK! To find out details on how you can sponsor them, please find us on facebook! Go Girls!